Bambi Bimbo

Hello, I'm just a girl.

Just a blue haired, blue eyed, German, Jewish girl.

I crave class and modesty, and I'm proud to be a Taurus.

Accidentally logged on to here and wow, I absolutely hate who I was two years ago.

I will no longer be posting.

This is my last post. I am making another blog. Too many people know about this one, and I can no longer post my private thoughts and opinions. Good bye. Maybe you will find my new blog in the future.

  • me: *does something weird*
  • me: so this is why im single..
  • Dumbledore: The dark forest is strictly forbidden to all students
  • Dumbledore: Except for detention
  • Dumbledore: Where you will be forced to wander around when it's darkest and scariest
  • Dumbledore: Doesn't that make so much sense
  • Dumbledore: I'm so good at rules
  • Dumbledore: ten points to harry Potter